The regular pilgrimages to Marian Shrines, by Éxodo Peregrinaciones

Among the wide diversity of religious tourism options, pilgrimages to Marian shrines are favored experiences among the faithful who wish to pay homage to the Virgin Mary. In these...


Whatever your plan is, our state of the art equipment makes it simple for our team to make it


Having a park near you can be a very pleasant experience,so we create parks in every city


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Marlon Becerra a reference in orthodontic treatments and esthetic- Colombia

Orthodontics is more than just an aesthetic solution for aligning teeth and creating a dazzling smile. It is a specialized field in dentistry that addresses malocclusion and jaw dysfunction issues, improving not only appearance but...

‘The Female Side Effect’, un éxito en el circuito de festivales con su temática crítica

Tras su estreno mundial en el Mallorca International Film Festival, el thriller de ciencia ficción The Female Side Effect ha sorprendido al mundo del cine. Con sus 6 selecciones oficiales en festivales internacionales, 4 han...

Panama. The gateway to efficient real estate ventures

To achieve success in the real estate sector, individuals must consider a series of legal and financial aspects so that they can achieve maximum efficiency in each transaction.In this context, Grupo PREIC offers a wide...


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